Mrs.Elk and I have decided that the one thing our lives are missing is a good collection of zombie movies, they are after all the apex of good cinema.

Apart from the few we all ready have in our collection we haven't been lucky in finding any in the stores just yet. I personally really want all the George A Romero "Dead" films (new and old), the Return Of The Living Dead films and of course Zombi (sometimes known as Zombie Fleash Eaters) and she's into the Resident Evil collection. But so far we've only managed to turn up Night Of The Living Dead and "Död Snö" (Dead Snow) which came as part of a 3-film "zombie boxed set" which also included The Signal (not a zombie film) and Day Of The Dead 2, which is a ham-fisted mess of a film with all the acting skills of a cheap porn and nothing at all to do with Day Of The Dead at all!

Yesterday on a hunt we came across The Walking Dead boxed set, which we started to watch when it was on TV but then kinda forgot about it - but it does need to be bought after all we want EVERY zombie film there is - started watching again now and we're hooked! Awesome stuff! The story is kinda slow and a bit soap opera but the zombies are awesome, best in ages!Typical me to only get into things ages after everyone else has discovered them.